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What's Eating You?

Is it possible that food can be your medicine? I am not sure about your experience, but this question can be answered with an emphatic yes! Food is medicine and not only can be nourishing, but it can provide the fuel our brain needs to improve one's mental health, as well. A brain healthy diet can cut your risk of depression down according to some studies. Though the research is newer and some feel the studies are inconclusive, there is a growing body of research that concludes what we put into our mouth affects our mind. Now, I am not an MD and I am not even a researcher, but we have all seen the effects of an unhealthy diet, typically a western diet. It can lead to many chronic conditions that are hard to reverse, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary issues. It is also true that what can often reverse these conditions are a change in diet and lifestyle (i.e. more exercise, more movement). Do your own research and talk with your doctor. Eat your food, don't let your food eat you. Investing in your mental and physical wellness can lead to many healthy returns and that is what I call...wealth!

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